Adrian Labaut is a Cuban Architect. He holds a Bachelor and a Master's Degree in Architecture with honours from the Politecnico di Milano. Adrian has collaborated with architectural offices in Italy, Spain, Denmark and Budapest, and his work has been exhibited at the Venice Architecture Biennale, the Milan Design Week, the Milan Fashion Week, and elsewhere. Adrian is director of ateliers alabauth, a multidisciplinary studio working across experimental architecture, aesthetics, philosophy and communication. His research focuses on the relationships of form and meaning through the lens of visual research. 
2008_12: Facultad de Arquitectura de la Habana, CUJAE. 
2012 _16: Laurea Triennale in Architettura, Politecnico di Milano, Milano, Italia. 
2016 _18: Masters with Honours, Architecture, Politecnico di Milano
2018: Doctoral Candidate, Architecture, UPM, ETSAM, Madrid, Spain.

2012: Architect at Degli Esposti Architetti, Milano, Italia. 
2014: Architect at Degli Esposti Architetti, Milano, Italia. 
2015: Architect at FuzzAtelier, Milano, Italia. 
2016: Architect at WS/DW Architetti, Milano, Italia. 
2018: Architect at Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra, Sevilla, España. 
2019: Architect at Lingua & Svendsen, Copenhagen, Denmark. 
2020: Architect at Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra, Sevilla, España.
2023: Curator Exhibition "Cuban Architectures: the Third Space", at the Galeria Centralis, Budapest, Hungary.  

2021: Jury, International Architecture Competition, The Challenge Latinoamérica. 
2022: Jury, International Architecture Competition, Terraviva: The Cuban Square.
2023: Magyar Építőművészek Szövetsége, recommendation, Budapest, Hungary. 
2023: Jury, Echo Academies Project, Open call for Creatives, commissioned by Pro Progressione, Budapest, Hungary. 
2014: MIArch, Politecnico di Milano, Milano, Italia. 
2015: Design Week, Phantoms, Politecnico di Milano, Milano, Italia. 
2015: Design Week, Atmospheres, Politecnico di Milano, Milano, Italia. 
2016: Milan Fashion Week, 30under30, Tulpemnamie Gallery, Milano.
2016: Re-Drawing the Theory, Villa Merta Masolo, Milano, Italia. 
2017: Contre-Jour, Dedar Flagship Showroom, Milano, Italia. 
2017: De Rerum Natura, Galería LARVA, Guadalajara, Mexico. 
2018: Venice Architecture Biennale, Unfolding Pavilion, Venezia, Italia. 
2021: ART the Hague, Den Haag, Netherlands. 
2022: Moon Gallery, selected among 64 art pieces sent to the ISS.
2023: Open Society Architectures, Salone del Mobile, Milano, Italia.
2024: BitAC Cuba, La Habana, Cuba.
2024: 3rd National Salon of Architecture, Budapest, Hungary.

Nov.2014 / Jan.2015: Architecture Competition with Degli Esposti Architetti: School in Pestalozzistrasse, Berna. Architect Intern.
Nov.2014 / Jan.2015: Architecture Competition with Degli Esposti Architetti: School in Wiesloch, Germany. Architect Intern.
Nov.2014 / Jan.2015: Architecture Competition with Degli Esposti Architetti: Arts Center in Rome, Italy. 
2015: Honor Award in the competition: “Inside” of Morpholio with the project: “Unlimited”.
March 2016: Architecture Competition, Renovation of the Canale Grande, “Amarcord”.
April 2016: Project winner of the competition 30under30, and collective exposition in the Tulpenmanie Gallery during the “Salone del Mobile, Milano 2016”.
2016: Finalist, CTBUH Competition, "Mantova Performing Arts Center", Shenzhen, China. 
2017: Concorso internazionale di idee per una proposta di riqualificazione architettonica e paesaggistica della cimiero in cemento armato, Parco del Mincio, Mantua, Italia. 
2018: Concorso “Un’idea, una città”, Comune di San Giovanni Valdarno, Arezzo, Italia.  
2018: Finalist, International design competition: National Memorial to the Heavenly Hundred Heroes and revolution of dignity Museum, “Maidan Dignity museum’, Kyiv
2019: Finalist, "Sprouting Minds" Competition. Redesigning Isola Pepe Verde’s garden in Milano, Italia.
2019: By & Havn open competition for the design of facades, edge zones and lighting for an upcoming parking garage at Trælastholmen, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2020: Terraviva competition, "NON-SIGNSITE”, La Habana, Cuba. 
2020: Future architecture competition, “The secret life of a public square”, Madrid, España. 
2022: Architecture competition, “Commemoration Square in Sarajevo”. 
2023: Finalist, International Competition "Tunnel Evangelion", organised by Dropcity and Reuse Italy, Milano, Italia. 
2024: 3rd prize in an open competition organized by the Municipality of Újbuda in Budapest for the design of the Mari Törőcsik Memorial. 

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