Italian cookery is worldwide appreciated and the very cooking of Bologna excels for many features.The aim is the transformation of an existing structure into a new functional space.  Hosting swimming pools, restaurants, relax zones and space enough for expositions, food, visitors.
The proposal is based in the re-interpretation of the existing building, modifying it in very low levels. The project is divided in volumes; it allows the easy understanding of the space despites the complexity of the program. The body is divided into 4 natural landscapes and one technological that acts as connector.  The spectacular scenery will provide totally different experiences. A new universe is created into the old industrial building.
The main structure is kept, and used in the creation of a hybrid which main strength is the program that it contains. The proposal is divided in elements, each one of them with very specific atmospheres, that represent specific functions: Water, Clouds, Gardens, Technology. The concept is inspired and rooted in nature. A space of endless interpretations.

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