23o08’09.61”N. The project as a framework
with Angel E. Pérez
THE project creates a framework, by finding in the local context, structures of signification to be RE-utilised (copied) in the new area.
Meaning is explored in La Plaza Vieja, the first civic space in the country. The outcome is a comprehensive system of significant objects”, a Sign. This SIGN is projected on the new public space in a sort of “Non-site operation”.
The project is therefore a blank canvas, a text in which the layer of signification generates a setting which ultimate goal is to fulfil any program or interpretation. It welcomes the hotel program now appearing in the city, and involves it in a wider narrative in which the social, the economic and the foreign have equal value.

An empty canvas

La Plaza Vieja, location

Every sign has two objects, a dynamic object, and an immediate object. The dynamic object determines the sign and theinterpretant and is concerned with the history and evolution of the place, and therefore it is just partially revealed. The partial revelation of the sign occurs through the Immediate object, which is ‘the
object as the sign represents it’. While the dynamic object exists in the textuality of the place, the immediate object is inthe object-in-itself, the drawings, plans, and the building. Because of this separation, also the interpretant of the sign -society- has to be addressed in a split way. 

Outlining the space as a system of Objects

The SIGN: Masterplan as a system of Objects

The new site as result of the projection of the SIGN


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